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Mega uni wash

“Mega Uni Wash”LLC was founded in 2014 The main direction of our activity is the production and sale of synthetic detergents such as washing powder, liquid soap, liquid spry etc. with the brand name «Uni Wash» «Tilda» «IMPEX» «Nasim» «Daff» Despite the fact that the company is young, Consumers on the domestic market of the Republic of Uzbekistan are well aware of the products of our organization.

In our work we adhere to a policy aimed at studying consumer demand and thanks to a good marketing department, several commercial agents in other countries, we have the ability to react quickly and efficiently update and expand the range of products. When manufacturing products, we use high-quality materials. Each year the list of our products is updated from 3 to 5 items. We do not dwell on the boundaries reached by us, and we have already started producing bleach, a spray for washing windows, washing-up gels, etc.

The quality of our products is confirmed by State certificates of compliance, standards and hygienic certificate of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Our employees


KHALIKOV MIRSAID – chief director “LTD” Mega Uni Wash .He organizes the work and effective cooperation of all structural divisions, workshops and production associations and directs them to the development and improvement of production, taking into account social production. Controls the development and improvement of production, taking into account social and market priorities of production, improving the efficiency of the enterprise, increasing sales and reducing profitability, improving the quality and competitiveness of products, as well as compliance with international standards.

Nizomkhonov Sardor

Nizomhonov Sardor deputy director.Development and implementation of measures to improve product quality, systematic analysis of its technical level. Development of proposals for the replacement of obsolete and unwanted products and presentation to management. To ensure the implementation of the best practices in enterprise planning and production, the creation of conditions for high productivity, compliance with labor laws, occupational health and safety, and the rules and standards of industrial hygiene. manage the implementation of specific product objectives.

Sobirov Shukhrat

Sobirov Shukhrat warehouse manager. Warehouse business is responsible for the acceleration and improvement of inventories, taking into account the acceptance, storage and disposal of products, as well as the rational use of storage facilities. Acceleration of the inventory of stored inventory. Provides registration and receipt of check documents, controls the availability and safety of fire fighting equipment, ensures the condition and timely repair of premises and equipment.

Toshtemirov Farrukh

Prepares and submits reports to the tax inspectorate and other inspection organizations, taking into account income and expenses. Calculates the cost of production, salary, employee salary, taxes.


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